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(newscaster intro)

Mic Wrecka:
Considered as weapons of mass destruction amongst wack emcees
The Rebel Scum defense mechanism dispatches enemies
At ease,dont lose yourself in this war between ill n fame
let your weapon of choice annihilate the target, so take aim
with the pen n pad as the tools for architectin
detonate the mic, when my vocal drops your mind's blowin
your whole crew n followers vanquished in demolition
fake ones depopulatin, hiphop terrorists retaliatin
so now we on high alert of full defence
i tear 'em apart like the red sea as soon as the battle commence
goin up againts me,you try hard like the Scud missile
Mic Wrecka be the reactor that launches your career to fatal
dreams need to be shattered when push comes to shove
im sick of these wack rappers claim they do it for the love
ending this confrontation
by droppin weapons of massive destruction
mutating yo brain leavin your weapons a mass-if destruction

When we on the pen and pad you know (it's World War)
When we get on the mic, you know (it's World War)
When we blowin out your box, you know (it's World War
Radio anthem, you are now added)

mass destruction the noise is violent
the i double L phonics break the silence
my self scienctific wisdom is prolific
illustrated like national geographic
magazines aint what it seems than life u living in
for rhymes that i write they souls who lived in sin
blasphemy should we ceased to coexist
these rhymes are felt like bombs and terrorist
ponder and deliberate, mislead by simplicity
creeping through the minds and moving to society
suicidal tendencies like the kamikaze
high symbolic values and mass casualties
psychologically diabolical, histerical inferdels
falling from prominent monument
its evident, my constant deviant is defiant

(newscaster bridge)

the bomb drops, from the lyricist nemesis
blowin out your speakers, with reverse Genesis
Stone Age catalyst, cut off your arms race
with old school biochemistry, the gas face
my lines laced, anthrax courses through my syntax
social reform, in your three quarter inch jacks
most DJs pinch wax, K samples declarations
of war, CNN reports of condemnation
it's the mic occupation, that's leaving you scarred
when i detonate, flames flow thick like Brent Spar
armory below par, wherever you are
i level the field from Ampang to Kandahar

nerve gas, swerve past, execution deadly
obstruct airways, effectively heavyweight
the rest victims, my tone alone de-regulates cardiac rhythms
army pack discipline - on the mic
party cats we're leavin - outta sight
discharge warheads remotely
5-megaton bombs explodin
holdin, any means of resistance
enemies will sweat the absence of treatment
the absence of substance, they're all empty
my nuclear winter freeze cheese emcees
EMP, civilisation blackout
moon suits couldn't fend you from the fallout - all out
fuck keepin your hopes intact
the catalyst to all of your failures is back


*Scratch outro


from An Urban Distaste For The Concrete (2005), released December 3, 2012
Produced by K-Netix
Written by HQA, Illson, Mic Wrecka, WordsManifest
Scratches by K-Netix



all rights reserved


The Rebel Scum Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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