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Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
It's the exodus
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
(It's the back track on wax)
It's the exodus

i got tones, rhyming on microphone
caught up in zone never leave me alone
put u on the dial
connected to my style
the i double L joint ready to make it wild
back in the days on the set to the floor
when the artform core when papa duke went raw
like a machine gun funk era
still got my mind over matter
ready to make it better than the last was unknown..

Mic Wrecka:
it's like once upon a time without ending happily ever after
wat started as dope ryhmes turned to its all about the paper
Mic Wrecka is here to be the rectifier
you the hottest in hiphop? well now you left in cinders
i'm destroying mics until there's none left
picture an emcee as a sessionist without a treble clef
microphone manufactures on a worldwide exodus
leavin emcees in ashes and dust to dust

word of mouth is that the mouth of words is deadly
you tempt me, to break it to you not so gently
correct me, if i am mistaken
but your crown is taken
so when i stake my claim, stop fakin
pretenders to the throne, blown
i flow nice like predecessors so i rock the gramophone
phone your grandma
tell her who's your daddy with the landmark
hot flows, that turn men to hoes like Ranma
get you green with grammar rays, all you got is clit clout
pussy's influential, to not get your shit out
Rebel Scum is moving forward giving you no chance to back out
i know no Hieroglyphics but you're still getting blacked out
take the wack route, rebels own the highway, radio
we beg to differ like we sayin "really, though"
you're really slow, not takin Words in full effect
so back track, relax, get jacked by context

The lab is cool now, it's like hell freezin' over right?
But it does zero to mellow the strike
The heat of fire, sharpness of ice
Enough to make any men flee for their lives
I and my crew drop wholesome skills
Tracks on this EP will not be skipped like my meals
Unveilin', provocative poetry to force out bad sectors
Reformat no holds barred
Those that oppose to this will be crushed
And I let no phoenix rise it's eternal dust
See to the retreat of a million emcees if I must
Now behold the exodus
Rush out now, and don't look back
Cause unlike this song you can't backtrack
Sinister laughter while slaughterin' whack acts
Cause I ridicule fiascos like Max X


from An Urban Distaste For The Concrete (2005), released December 3, 2012
Produced by K-Netix



all rights reserved


The Rebel Scum Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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