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Take the first step of your descent
Straightforward lines are hellbent
We tearin down the construct, blueprints and splinter cells
Move stealthily, we droppin steadily, the stairwells

Mic Wrecka:
this is not a takeover 'cause y'all never had it in the first place
give y'all the head start but still couldnt cope wit our pace
we've been behind the scenes witnessing the wackest set of emcees to date
dreaming of glory as their destiny, The Rebel Scum dictates your fate-
tality,put an end to your rhymin ability
leave you in shockwave cause your waveforms indicates you've recorded horizontally
that's zero in decibles,gain the faders, you're still soft in level
we hit hard like distorted sounds, engineers define as uncompressable
we're expandable, it affects your followers as if 'theres nothing that can't be done'
we're unstopable the reason everyone seemed to shun
you ain't going nowhere disguising as an emcee
i've got my man Words tracking and haunt those whose faking reality
'cause you can't hide from the truth, the truth is upon you
the truth hurts especially you've got fans wit no clues supporting you
and the truth is you'll always be regarded as a rapper trying to put words on mics
well die trying or get rich over bullshit, damn I...

concrete laws animalistic, urban jungle books of statistics
my mind's a construction site, i shake it once and i spit acidic
strip Zion of its Hasidic, notions of truth and the children of Israel
choose to reload life with chunks left out like your movie's got missed reels
i'm train stoppin
faster than speeding bullet-time sequence, your frames droppin
a braveheart against chainmail armour with your linked sequins, you're style copying
files corrupted, the joker's wild with the facsimile
artificial intelligence, i am my worst enemy
still circling peripheries
rotating sceneries axis-tential
militant software duplicate fast like stencils
2B graded or not to be pencil-pushing fundamentals of physics in realtime
cached experience, you're nothing but a fake cynic in real crime
architecture felonous, underminging the interior design
spit scripture venomous, be prepared for syntax error
i'm end of line


the rebels disowned you like orphans than having trouble finding your originality
when u see or visualize the emcess abilities to hold the words then flow through
oddysey than living like legends and die in fantasies, life is a dream where most of it shattered by imagination kills the one who splattered blood through the hearts of men revenge so the lost must vanquish before it ends every beginning of life
i start a new chapter as the day grows old or must i master the art of deception
to seek the prose before the final fight the messenger would deliver the truth
but would you see the light and remain the same change is inevitable so i hope it keeps me sane when i rain blood i couldnt feel the pain cuz i knew the truth hurts and if you would like to cut your wrist first i'll be there to quench your thirst as i kiss your soul way far from beyond the realms of mere mortals with a thousand candles wishing you were settled down... down.. down.. down...

*Scratch break


from An Urban Distaste For The Concrete (2005), released December 3, 2012
Produced by MicWrecka
Lyrics by MicWrecka, WordsManifest & Illson



all rights reserved


The Rebel Scum Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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