An Urban Distaste For The Concrete (2005)

by The Rebel Scum

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An Urban Distaste For The Concrete (2005)
Rogue Squadron


released December 3, 2012



all rights reserved


The Rebel Scum Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Track Name: Stairwells
Take the first step of your descent
Straightforward lines are hellbent
We tearin down the construct, blueprints and splinter cells
Move stealthily, we droppin steadily, the stairwells

Mic Wrecka:
this is not a takeover 'cause y'all never had it in the first place
give y'all the head start but still couldnt cope wit our pace
we've been behind the scenes witnessing the wackest set of emcees to date
dreaming of glory as their destiny, The Rebel Scum dictates your fate-
tality,put an end to your rhymin ability
leave you in shockwave cause your waveforms indicates you've recorded horizontally
that's zero in decibles,gain the faders, you're still soft in level
we hit hard like distorted sounds, engineers define as uncompressable
we're expandable, it affects your followers as if 'theres nothing that can't be done'
we're unstopable the reason everyone seemed to shun
you ain't going nowhere disguising as an emcee
i've got my man Words tracking and haunt those whose faking reality
'cause you can't hide from the truth, the truth is upon you
the truth hurts especially you've got fans wit no clues supporting you
and the truth is you'll always be regarded as a rapper trying to put words on mics
well die trying or get rich over bullshit, damn I...

concrete laws animalistic, urban jungle books of statistics
my mind's a construction site, i shake it once and i spit acidic
strip Zion of its Hasidic, notions of truth and the children of Israel
choose to reload life with chunks left out like your movie's got missed reels
i'm train stoppin
faster than speeding bullet-time sequence, your frames droppin
a braveheart against chainmail armour with your linked sequins, you're style copying
files corrupted, the joker's wild with the facsimile
artificial intelligence, i am my worst enemy
still circling peripheries
rotating sceneries axis-tential
militant software duplicate fast like stencils
2B graded or not to be pencil-pushing fundamentals of physics in realtime
cached experience, you're nothing but a fake cynic in real crime
architecture felonous, underminging the interior design
spit scripture venomous, be prepared for syntax error
i'm end of line


the rebels disowned you like orphans than having trouble finding your originality
when u see or visualize the emcess abilities to hold the words then flow through
oddysey than living like legends and die in fantasies, life is a dream where most of it shattered by imagination kills the one who splattered blood through the hearts of men revenge so the lost must vanquish before it ends every beginning of life
i start a new chapter as the day grows old or must i master the art of deception
to seek the prose before the final fight the messenger would deliver the truth
but would you see the light and remain the same change is inevitable so i hope it keeps me sane when i rain blood i couldnt feel the pain cuz i knew the truth hurts and if you would like to cut your wrist first i'll be there to quench your thirst as i kiss your soul way far from beyond the realms of mere mortals with a thousand candles wishing you were settled down... down.. down.. down...

*Scratch break
Track Name: Rogues' Gallery
this is a satellite telecast from asteroid M
polarised words manifest into battles of Us against Them
Clash of the Titans, mythology corrupts the Argonauts
product of Anakin, Star Wars and Soviet cosmonauts
laying waste to Autobots, heavy metal, the hands of Primus
weapons of mass destruction wipe you out before you find us
you wrongfully defined us
the bird flu over the cuckoo's nest to test for japanese encephalitis
animate your tentacles
the virgin suicide note padded cell shaded headshot's hysterical
Doctor Doom the medicals
Professor X marks the spot, when things come full circle, i head the sphericals
round and round we go, tax man! the revolver
Beetlejuice, daylight come, laugh at your horror
in my little shop The Rebel Scum's got more in store
opportunities are less windows, and Mordor

We're turnin tables like pages, flip scripts on your fables
Set trip, you're unstable, from your stage to your label
Better bounce, if you're able, or hit the concrete
The circle is complete, behold the Rogues' Gallery

Set trip, you're unstable, from your stage to your label
Better bounce, if you're able, or hit the concrete
The circle is complete, behold the Rogues' Gallery

Mic Wrecka:
im on a mission of world domination
the rate of globalization cannot cope with the pace of our operation
so forget breakin through sound barriers
its either u move along or helplessly end up wit "please dont bury us"-
alive,leaders left with weak empires thats full of strife
to be the best,surpass that,now i rectify
the situation misleading to the faculties of hearing
destroying mics until theres none left for verbal communicating
manufactures on a world wide exodus
like Norton runnin out of hypothesis for anti-viruses
command you like darkside version of your father
transformin Megatron weaponry for Devastator
Lex Luthoring your doomsday so ull never see tommorrow
the reason u quickly claim not to be a superhero
cuz ure a weak species with lois lane to care for
u fell for the abilities from the Kryptonites of my metaphor


illson the super villain mad circle industry
number one enemy seriously can it be
ayotollah like khomeni i-ran overseas intelligence over me consciously
let it be apocolypse cable on the opposite ominiously monolith
my composite compensate substances abused i used to fix the plug that fused
peripherals of my periphernalia to sell ya
over across over again start a game over
my snake eyes of a storm shadow strike like cobra
i see metal heads dont even look like destro
i bust track to outerspace than tracks like astro train
my coagulated blood brain spilled the same sane
spelled my name citizen kane came anti hero fame
dont blame it on the rain i reign lyrically
my rhymes and content doesnt spit differently

Track Name: WMD
(newscaster intro)

Mic Wrecka:
Considered as weapons of mass destruction amongst wack emcees
The Rebel Scum defense mechanism dispatches enemies
At ease,dont lose yourself in this war between ill n fame
let your weapon of choice annihilate the target, so take aim
with the pen n pad as the tools for architectin
detonate the mic, when my vocal drops your mind's blowin
your whole crew n followers vanquished in demolition
fake ones depopulatin, hiphop terrorists retaliatin
so now we on high alert of full defence
i tear 'em apart like the red sea as soon as the battle commence
goin up againts me,you try hard like the Scud missile
Mic Wrecka be the reactor that launches your career to fatal
dreams need to be shattered when push comes to shove
im sick of these wack rappers claim they do it for the love
ending this confrontation
by droppin weapons of massive destruction
mutating yo brain leavin your weapons a mass-if destruction

When we on the pen and pad you know (it's World War)
When we get on the mic, you know (it's World War)
When we blowin out your box, you know (it's World War
Radio anthem, you are now added)

mass destruction the noise is violent
the i double L phonics break the silence
my self scienctific wisdom is prolific
illustrated like national geographic
magazines aint what it seems than life u living in
for rhymes that i write they souls who lived in sin
blasphemy should we ceased to coexist
these rhymes are felt like bombs and terrorist
ponder and deliberate, mislead by simplicity
creeping through the minds and moving to society
suicidal tendencies like the kamikaze
high symbolic values and mass casualties
psychologically diabolical, histerical inferdels
falling from prominent monument
its evident, my constant deviant is defiant

(newscaster bridge)

the bomb drops, from the lyricist nemesis
blowin out your speakers, with reverse Genesis
Stone Age catalyst, cut off your arms race
with old school biochemistry, the gas face
my lines laced, anthrax courses through my syntax
social reform, in your three quarter inch jacks
most DJs pinch wax, K samples declarations
of war, CNN reports of condemnation
it's the mic occupation, that's leaving you scarred
when i detonate, flames flow thick like Brent Spar
armory below par, wherever you are
i level the field from Ampang to Kandahar

nerve gas, swerve past, execution deadly
obstruct airways, effectively heavyweight
the rest victims, my tone alone de-regulates cardiac rhythms
army pack discipline - on the mic
party cats we're leavin - outta sight
discharge warheads remotely
5-megaton bombs explodin
holdin, any means of resistance
enemies will sweat the absence of treatment
the absence of substance, they're all empty
my nuclear winter freeze cheese emcees
EMP, civilisation blackout
moon suits couldn't fend you from the fallout - all out
fuck keepin your hopes intact
the catalyst to all of your failures is back


*Scratch outro
Track Name: The Back Track
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
It's the exodus
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
(It's the back track on wax)
It's the exodus

i got tones, rhyming on microphone
caught up in zone never leave me alone
put u on the dial
connected to my style
the i double L joint ready to make it wild
back in the days on the set to the floor
when the artform core when papa duke went raw
like a machine gun funk era
still got my mind over matter
ready to make it better than the last was unknown..

Mic Wrecka:
it's like once upon a time without ending happily ever after
wat started as dope ryhmes turned to its all about the paper
Mic Wrecka is here to be the rectifier
you the hottest in hiphop? well now you left in cinders
i'm destroying mics until there's none left
picture an emcee as a sessionist without a treble clef
microphone manufactures on a worldwide exodus
leavin emcees in ashes and dust to dust

word of mouth is that the mouth of words is deadly
you tempt me, to break it to you not so gently
correct me, if i am mistaken
but your crown is taken
so when i stake my claim, stop fakin
pretenders to the throne, blown
i flow nice like predecessors so i rock the gramophone
phone your grandma
tell her who's your daddy with the landmark
hot flows, that turn men to hoes like Ranma
get you green with grammar rays, all you got is clit clout
pussy's influential, to not get your shit out
Rebel Scum is moving forward giving you no chance to back out
i know no Hieroglyphics but you're still getting blacked out
take the wack route, rebels own the highway, radio
we beg to differ like we sayin "really, though"
you're really slow, not takin Words in full effect
so back track, relax, get jacked by context

The lab is cool now, it's like hell freezin' over right?
But it does zero to mellow the strike
The heat of fire, sharpness of ice
Enough to make any men flee for their lives
I and my crew drop wholesome skills
Tracks on this EP will not be skipped like my meals
Unveilin', provocative poetry to force out bad sectors
Reformat no holds barred
Those that oppose to this will be crushed
And I let no phoenix rise it's eternal dust
See to the retreat of a million emcees if I must
Now behold the exodus
Rush out now, and don't look back
Cause unlike this song you can't backtrack
Sinister laughter while slaughterin' whack acts
Cause I ridicule fiascos like Max X